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Westminster Car Wash & Detailing is Carroll County's premier full service car wash



Customer Responsibilities while at the Car Wash:

• Turn off alarm

• Turn off automatic wipers • Turn off radio

• Lower or remove antenna

• Close all windows

• Remove valuables

• Remove car magnets

• Remove bike rack

• Remove truck bed contents

• Remove trailer hitch



Customer responsibilities also include, but are not limited to:

• Rims that are larger than tires

• Window visors

• Hood shields

• Non-factory parts

• Known and unknown loose parts

• License plates

• Clear coat on vehicle

Is your car wash safe for my vehicle?

Yes. We use only soft cloths and safe soaps to clean your vehicle. Our wrap material is non-porous. There is no chance of trapping dirt from other vehicles and damaging your vehicle. Westminster Car Wash and Detailing is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment available. This is not your typical out-of-date carwash system.


Is your car wash safe for the environment?

Absolutely! In fact, it is much more environmentally friendly to wash your vehicle at Westminster Car Wash and Detailing than in your driveway. We treat and recycle approximately 70% of our water. We use far less water per vehicle than you would use washing your vehicle at home. Our waste water is sent directly to a water treatment plant, unlike washing in the driveway, where the waste water goes down the storm drain and can end up as run-off in local rivers, lakes or stream.


Will my truck or van fit in your wash?

All vehicles must be lower than 7-feet, 2-inches in height. Low suspension vehicles must have a minimum ground clearance of at least 4-inches. No tires wider than 12-inches in width. No dually trucks are allowed.


Can I go through your car wash with items in my truck bed?

No. All truck beds must be completely cleaned out before entering the wash.


How does the car wash know which wash I bought?

Specific wash selected is input to the computer by the Greeter who takes your wash request. This programs the tunnel with this wash accordingly. If vacuum is selected, this is performed before car enters the tunnel. A ticket goes with the car and this tells the workers at the output of the tunnel if window cleaning, tire shine, hand cleaning of wheels, etc. was selected and is performed accordingly while car is being wiped down.


What is the Unlimited Club?

For $29.99 you get as many Deluxe Exterior Car Washes you want every month of the year. At anytime you can upgrade to a full interior cleaning for $15.00. You would also get 10% discount on Exterior/Interior Detailing. You can join the Unlimited Club by signing up at our location.


What are the specific benefits of the triple foam polish?

The specific benefits of the triple foam polish include: Coats microscopic pits & blemishes on paint with a pre-sealant compound; Helps water beading; Protects from acid rain, road grime and airborne pollutants; Provides a long lasting shine.


What are the specific benefits of the full body protectant?

The specific benefits of the full body protectant include: Total surface gloss; Super sealant which bonds to body surface; Protects finish from sun’s UV rays; Fills in surface defects; Water repellant; Brake dust repellant and Provides barrier that restores surface gloss.


What are the benefits of tire shine?

The benefits of a tire shine application include: Removes dirt, oil, road film from tire (does not hand clean wheel); Shines tire; makes tire brighter; Helps with rotting effects of hydrocarbon emissions, road grime and UV rays.


What are the benefits of the LAVA Wax?

The benefits of a Lava Wax application include: Results in ultra smooth finish; Brings out the best shine and clarity in every car; Optimizes depth of vehicle’s paint finish; Protects vehicle in rain, snow, salt, grime, heat and UV; Makes colors pop with intensity; Excellent water beading; Longer lasting shine.


Why does it take Westminster Car Wash and Detailing four hours to do an Exterior Detailing on a vehicle?

An Exterior Detailing here takes four hours because it is very labor intensive. It includes: tar and bug removal; compound professionally applied and buffed to remove heavy oxidation and acid rain spots; a glaze applied professionally and buffed to fill minor surface scratches, remove minor paint imperfections and remove paint oxidation; car body is professionally polished and buffed to revive the original beauty to clear coat and original paint surfaces. Cream wax is professionally applied and buffed to add a high gloss and rich luster to the vehicle body – a high durability formulation that lasts a long time.


Why does it take Westminster Car Wash and Detailing four hours to do an Interior Detailing?

An Interior Detailing takes four hours because it is very labor intensive. In addition to an exhaustive vacuuming, every nook and cranny is cleaned (vents, ashtrays, center console, cup holders, glove compartment, trunk, etc. In addition, the head liner is cleaned, door panels are cleaned and dressed, floor mats and carpets are shampooed, upholstery is shampooed all vinyl, plastic and leather is cleaned and conditioned.


What does a clay bar treatment do for the body of a vehicle?

Clay bars are similar to a mix of Play Dough and Silly Putty. Using a clay bar removes embedded surface contamination that remains after a wash (tree sap, heavy film, road tar, etc.) Sometimes the contamination removed is not always visible on the paint to the naked eye. After using a clay bar the body surface will be as smooth as glass and properly prepped and ready to have a polish applied. Not only can a clay bar be used on the vehicle’s paint, but also on glass, wheels, lights and more. A common misconception about using a clay bar is that it has an impact on removing swirls and scratches, it does not.

We proudly offer our customers with state-of-the-art, Earth-friendly technologies to maintain a clean environment while doing what we do best.



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